The Torch of Rock and Roll


Rock and Roll ain't dead, Keep it burning! It is always a pleasure to collaborate with my good old friend, life coach and spiritual mentor Tim Stienruck. TOR was nothing else but an incredible life journey. From cold winter water therapies, bike rides on BC's pristine backyard, wildlife spiritual encounters, and mental and physical preparation for the IRONMAN. Thank you Brother Tim and The Mighty One for inviting us to participate in this incredible song!

The Torch Of Rock And Roll is the story of a young farmer’s boy who falls in love with KISS, the dreams he had, and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a million dollar management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It’s also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognitial moment and the spark that lit the fire within.


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