HOPR is a child company of CycleHop, both founded by CEO Josh Squire, creator of the first U.S. patent for “Automated Bicycle Rental Station”. Over the last two decades CycleHop has been focusing efforts on developing one of the largest bike-share fleets in North America, creating a “bike share revolution”.

CycleHop’s mission and vision is to enable mobility and inspire people to ride bicycles for the benefit of our health and the planet’s, partnering with communities, businesses, cities and universities to offer both manual and electric shared bicycles to the public.

HOPR’s transit app is looking to position itself by offering an expanded fleet of advanced shared-use mobility vehicles to the customer. This all aligns with our values as commuting citizens, so we jumped on board to help HOPR share their message to the world.

We thank our friends from Banter and Lollipop for connecting us with Mia Kohout, HOPR’s GM, who gave us full creative lead to craft a story around their company.

We are super proud to have been nominated and screened at the Spark Animation Festival 2018 with this project. Thanks team!



Action | Drama


Produced by
Gamomo Creative Lab
Aska Animation

Directed By
Efrain Perez

Produced By
Kenji Rodriguez Tanamachi

Executive Producers
Josh Squire
Mia Kohout

Story By
Shay Klassen
Efrain Perez

Art Director
Shay Klassen

Animation Director
Oscar Hernandez

Krissely Eli
Joaquin Arechavala
Johnny DZ
Saul Hernandez

Art (Concept, Layout, Color)
Alma Canchola
Crystal Woo
Edder Aguilera
Neferity Nuztas
Shay Klassen

Krissely Eli
Joaquin Arechavala
Johnny DZ

Compositing & Editing
Efrain Perez

Music By
Cris Robles
Alberto Amaya

Business Development
Rob MacDonald

Mia Kohout
Alex Ewasiuk
Kateland Clarke
Samuel Cawkell
Yuval Burton

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