Elevator is a close collective of insatiably curious human beings. Obsessed with data. Immersed in new technology. And creatively driven by brands pursuing a purpose with passion.

Elevator is a full-service marketing firm offering end-to-end solutions in the disciplines of strategy, creative and media. Elevators differentiator is their services and disciplines, seamlessly interwoven with a passion and expertise for digital data, emerging technologies and purpose-driven marketing.

We were summoned by Craig Redmond, Creative Director of Elevator through our buddy Carson Ting a.k.a Chairman Ting to help out with the animation of what's now their agency promo video, which sits at the top header of their landing page.

Challenged by time and under high pressure we were able to pull together our force and smash this lovely animation in no more than a week worth of work! #under-pressure

We are super happy to support our local community with what we love doing best! ❤️

Thank you Elevator and thank you BOB!


Elevator Strategy




Produced by
Elevator Strategy
Chairman Ting
Gamomo Creative Lab

Content Manager
Erin Thompson

Project Manager
Peter Ter Weme

Writer | Creative Director
Craig Redmond

Mentor | Founder
Bob Stamnes

Animation | Mograph Team
Kenji Rodriguez Tanamachi
Efrain Perez
Toiz Rodriguez
Oscar Hernandez
Efrain Perez
Shay Klassen

Illustration and Art Director
Chairman Ting

Assisted by
Aiken Lao

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