Visual Effects

Canada’s Congo a winter wonderland depiction of the majestic beauty of British Columbia’s forestry followed by lovely kids chorus and melodic synths from Bear Mountain’s debut album “XO”.

Filming Congo was unreal, a voyage into nature over the course of 5 days full oepic scenic views, off course nothing would have been possible without the support of MuchFact. Once again we paired up with a crew of talented young cinematographers, Ben Gulliver, Alex Viau, Beau Partlow and Kyle Hollet producer at the The Herd brought together this amazing experience to the highest level of artistry.

We were in charge of adding all the VFX for this work of art which took us 3 months to achieve, we decide to go for a style that was a out of our reach when conceptualized but we ended pushing until we were able to manage technical skills that further our knowledge and pushed the boundaries of art. Congo has been and will always be in our deepest memories as one of our most beloved works of art in the visual effects department.

So long Congo and so long Bear Mountain, it was fun while it lasted.  

Visual Effects

Bear Mountain

Music Video



Ben Gulliver

Kyle Hollet

VFX Creative Direction
Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

VFX Supervisor
Efraín Pérez

Color Correction
Efraín Pérez

Joanna Ambrosio

Animation Director
Juan Behrens

Concept Art
Juan Behrens
Clarisa Valdez
Ismael Cosio

Art Direction
Clarisa Valdez

Efraín Pérez
Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi
Derek Saddler
Thomas McKeen
Lorcan O’Shanahan
Juan Behrens

Bear Mountain, Congo, XO

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