Can't Stand to Lose

Immersive Experience

Remember when Nintendo came out with that first Virtual Reality headset called Virtual Boy? As kids growing up in the age of Nintendo, virtual reality was untouched territories that no one but Nintendo had the power to explore that frontier. In this day and age, VR has returned with not only the goggles but the power to really take you into an fully immersive experience.

Bear Mountain has always been known for their technological advancements both musically and visually. Having such innovative backgrounds gave us the opportunity to offer them a virtual reality music video for one of their latest singles “Can’t Stand to Lose”.

Working on a virtual reality piece required a very unique talent and skill set so we decided to invite an amazing visual artist and very good friend of ours, Carlos Luna James aka MGOGALKTIKO, who is the former art director at Fox in the digital department. Carlos brought together the vision and helped us direct the music video. A total of 5 artists from Gamomo, led by our super talented animation director, Efrain Perez, were put together to pull this project in a very short period a time.

Embracing the era of digital immersive experiences through VR, Can’t Stand to Lose has stood out to win!


Bear Mountain

Music Video



Produced By
Gamomo Creative Lab

In Collaboration with
DXL Digital Lab

Creative Director
Carlos Luna

Kenji Rodriguez

Production Manager
Toiz Rodríguez
Laura Blanco

Executive Production
Bear Mountain

Music Art Director
Efrain Perez

3D Modelling & Animation
Carlos Luna James
Juan Orea
Efrain Perez
Kenji Rodriguez
Hugo Payen
Irving Diaz

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