A Winning Team

Visual Effects

We’re really getting into crowd extensions, with bigger and better challenges. For A Winning Team, we were tasked to recreate a full soccer stadium. And nothing was going to keep us from reaching that goal (get it?).

We stepped up and upgraded to a better motion capture technology with the help of ninja-style Rokoko Suite, capturing 50 different crowd actions and putting them to the test. Recording these actions were somewhat tedious, but after dozens of tests, we figured it out through IClone Studio and Character Creator (CC) from Reallusion.

IClone was fundamental for the recording phase and character animation implementation. It essentially served as the main hub between CC and Rokoko. We created 50-80 CG characters in CC, brought them into IClone, animated via Rokoko Mocap suite, and exported to Unreal Engine for the clean-up and rendering process. Composite the sh#% out of the renders to make it look sexy on screen. And all this huge effort to solve one of the many shots we had on the pipeline!

Even though the production didn't have as many shots as we had hoped, the stakes and timelines for TV shows are always tight! We thank the whole crew for their extra hours and big efforts on set and behind the scenes. What a ride!

Visual Effects

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