Klarity Analytics Introduction

Klarity Analytics Introduction

Video Animation

It is a social big data analytics software-as-a-service solution. The engine tracks, collects, segments, refines, analyzes and interprets granular data to allow marketers, researchers and analysts to gather social intelligence. It allows you to monitor brands and gather social intelligence on competitors. With access to relevant metrics, measure performance, benchmark.

Gámomo Credits

Creative Direction / Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

Direction / Efrain Perez

Script / Donne Torr, Efrain Perez

Concept Art / Efrain Perez

Design / Efraín Pérez, Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

3D Modeling / Efrain Perez, Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

Animation / Efrain Perez, Kenji Rodriguez-Tanamachi,


Cristian Robles

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