Interesting Vancouver Series 14

Teaser Video Animation

About This Project

Interesting Vancouver is a yearly event which features ordinary people with extraordinary lives. We were requested to create three teaser video animations based on past talks. We experimented with cel animation, creating approximately 60 different illustrations, frame-by-frame, which later went to After Effects for animation. We had a lot of fun creating these, especially since we tried different illustration styles to capture the essence of the speakers and their stories.

Gámomo Credits

For Meaghan Kennedy & Ken Tsui talks:

Creative Direction / Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

Art Direction / Joanna Ambrosio

Illustration & Concept Art / Joanna Ambrosio

Animation / Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

For Tori Holmes talk:

Animation / Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

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