Bear Mountain, Hopeful

Bear Mountain, Hopeful

Music Video, Production & Post-Production


Bear Mountain

About This Project

Bear Mountain is a music band from Vancouver, BC. We were requested to work on the production and post-production of the muisc video by polishing edits, color correcting and adding a couple VFX touchups.

The team we were able to bring together was a talented multi disciplinary crew that had very specialized trades in the entertainment field. We collaborated with Alex Beim from Tangible Interaction to create the artistic look of the video. A total of 13 Zygotes Balls were arranged throughout the set as decoration, creating a playground of audio-synced lights and visuals that became the foundation for the Hopeful video. Tim Rolls was in charge of developing a software app on Processing that could modulate the lights and visuals in sync with the music performance.

With such a short notice of time and tight schedule, we where able to deliver the Bear Mountain‘s single release “Hopeful”, for their upcoming sophomore album to be released mid spring 2015.  This video surpassed the level of expectation and are really happy and satisfied with the final product. We want to thank all of the crew and friends who came on board to make this happen.

Video Credits

Director / Ben Gulliver

Producer / Kenji Rodriguez

Executive Production / Bear Mountain Music

Gámomo Credits

Creative & Art Direction / Alex Beim

Production Designer / Pablo Quintero

Wardrobe / Publish

Lighting / David Tomiak

Visuals-Lighting / Tim Rolls

Still Photographer / Shaun Huberts

Hair-MakeUp / Leana Huberts

Post Production / Gamomo Creative Lab

VFX / Efrain Perez

Special Thanks:
Myra Statham
Ryan Marchant – Stage 6
Miles Foster
Holly Hoffman

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