Thank You 2016

Growing Little by Little


Twenty sixteen has been an amazing year for Gamomo Creative Lab. We’ve had one of the most productive years as a company so far.READ MORE

Bear Mountain “Hopeful” Behind the Scene

The Project

The next project we’d like to share with you is the music video we did for the band Bear Mountain. Filmed in the Summer of 2015, we were tasked with creating and filming a music video for their first single “Hopeful” off of their sophomore album to be released summer 2016. Bear Mountain was looking for someone to produce a music video on a very tight schedule within a very limited budget.


FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

The Project

We are well into 2016 but here at Gamomo, we wanted to stop and share a few of the exciting projects we launched in 2015. The first of which was our partnership with FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association for the 2015 Women’s world cup. Held in Vancouver last summer, we were responsible for creating all of the animations for all the stadiums banners across Canada with FIFA Branding.


Gámomo Icon

Gámomo V.308

From avocado trees to maple leaves — our growth story.


Few people know this, but Gámomo has been around since February 2007. A group of us had started a print and digital magazine project called Mátika. It was a successful project, yet many of our potential sponsors kept saying to us  “Well, we can’t invest in an ad for your magazine, but we love your work and would like you to design our website”. So we went for it.