About Us

Art in Motion

We are a boutique motion graphics design studio based in Vancouver, BC. We’re passionate about engaging with the audience through art in motion. Our work includes product videos for startups, title sequences and VFX for music and entertainment, and corporate branding and events visuals.


With a background on branding strategy, startup marketing and art direction, visual effects, interactive design, visual live performance, illustration and animation, we are a powerhouse when our forces are combined.

This diversity of backgrounds and experience generates an innovative approach to the work we do, helping businesses deliver their message in a clear, engaging and memorable way.


Gámomo (/’gæ-mou-mou/) comes from the Chamorro language of Guam, and translates to “the one who loves a battle.” We really like this concept as we consider ourselves ‘warriors’ driven by the fire within. And we love a good challenge.

Do you have an idea in mind? Do you want to know more about what we do? Drop us a line, call us or come visit us at our studio.

Meet the team

Creative Director, Co-founder

Kenji Rodríguez-Tanamachi

Half japanese, half mexican. Half business, half art. Half tech, half nature. Kenji has almost 10 years of experience working for global brands, from stage design to media production. His creativity and talents go beyond the digital space, being very passionate about everything he does, and will never stop until the job gets done. Kenji is also a member of Vancouver band Bear Mountain, where he functions as creative director and visual artist.

It’s never been about what I’ve accomplished, it’s always been about who and how I’ve influenced others around me, same as who and what has influenced me. In the end, we are here only for a fraction of a second through our universal journey called life.

Art Director, Co-founder

Joanna Ambrosio

Having spent her formative years pursuing the arts, making the jump to making a living out of it not only speaks of her determination but also of her desire of sharing the wonder and joy that inspires her, by being the arrowhead at an in-house design team or just in general making #midnightdoodles. Visually driven, kind hearted and a multi disciplinarian powerhouse at work, Jo is equally talented working solo in bringing her imagination into illustrations as she’s at leading a whole team in shaping the visual identity of a Multinational.

I absolutely love people watching. I really like seeing things that most people don’t see, like a kid doing weird things when the mom is not watching, or a small bug on a woman’s hat. This is the thing that keeps me going and makes me good at my job: a sense of wonder.

Director of Animation

Efraín Pérez

Gámomo’s mastermind behind the computer and an animation wizard, “Efra” is the silent weapon of choice. He’s a true ninja, always ready to fight any challenges in his path, stealthy and silent during combat. Proven to handle different battles at the same time, Efra is the most loyal, humble, determined and ambitious team player. Efra’s experience ranges from film production to video edition, and he’s always learning new skills and helping us all stay in front of the game.

I think I’m good at breaking down and solving problems. I try to have an eye for little details without losing the big picture. I can be stubborn, but I don’t mind being proven wrong.

Senior Designer

Jimena Souto

Jimena is one of the most talented designers we’ve ever met. She’s our source for inspiration and trends, as she likes to keep up-to-date with her very popular Pinterest boards. Browsing through different sources of inspiration daily is one of the most important steps in her process as a designer, which helps her translate the client’s needs into beautiful results.

My thesis project was about sustainability and graphic design and I continue to use those tools in all the work I do. Taking care of the environment and making sure that the products I create don’t harm our planet is something very important in my design process.